We are Stacey and Julio Rosado.

We have 2 children. I, Stacey, am a stay-at-home mom and “farmer” and enjoy it immensely. I am living my dream. Julio works in the fire alarm industry and is my hero. Together we are building our dream farm as a family.

Liam is inquisitive, thoughtful, and creative. He is into all things tractor and loves to help in any way he can.

Alaina is our wild child but has the most kind soft heart. Her love for all the baby animals is endearing.

You may be wondering what our name means. Well, it started out as kind of a joke in my family.

You see most of the animals at our home growing up had come from places or people who couldn’t have them anymore and it was either us or death for the animal (dogs, cats, goats, some chickens, and some turkeys once!). People soon realized that we would take in almost any animal that needed a home and we would end up with those unwanted animals. Some we kept others we found homes for.

So my dad started saying that we were the end of the line for these animals and so the name stuck. I like it since it reminds me that I am making a better life for some animals. Even though I’m now married and we live elsewhere the name has a lot of meaning for me. We have some goals and dreams that the name fits perfectly for. 

We are prayerfully taking steps to make these dreams come true for animals and people who need a safe place.