What’s In My Kidding Kit?

Probably the MOST asked question I receive is in regards to what to have for kidding. Its an anxious time for the goat owner as there are many things that can go wrong. How prepared you are can (but doesn’t always) determine if the outcome is a good one or not so great. Here I will list what are my essentials to have on hand at kidding time. This is not a complete list, you may feel comfortable with more but I would never be without these seven things during kidding.

Calcium gluconate is important if a doe is struggling to move into active labor or her contractions are weak. She maybe low in Calcium. I like this option as it’s absorbed faster and causes less distress to the doe as Calcium drenches typically burn. Also, good to have if your doe develops milk fever after kidding. 

Towels because birth is messy. I will assist my does with cleaning off especially during the winter kiddings which we do a lot of here. 

Nasal aspirator is a must for me. Clean out the gunk from the nose and mouth/throat.  

Floss is good to tie off a bleeding umbilical cord. I don’t always need this but in an emergency, I don’t want to be rushing to find it! 

Thermometer can let me know a kid’s temperature and if weak and or cold I know what the next steps are for their needs based on the temperature reading. Normal temperature for a goat is 101.5-103

A kid must have a temperature of 101 before giving it any colostrum or you can do more harm than good.

Bottle and Pritchard nipple are my go-to for times when I need to bottle-feed a rejected or weak kid.

Tube and syringe for those weak kids who can’t suck. It’s a fast and easy way to get them the food they need.

See my Goat First Aid Kit for additional items I keep on hand at all times. Some may come in handy during kidding time as well.

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